Saturday, February 04, 2006

Dinner Party

About a week ago Microsoft invited for dinner some bloggers and Internet celebrities including Philip Torrone (Make magazine), Beth Goza (Second Life), Tara Hunt (Riya) and Chris Messina (Flock). Jim Allchin (Co-president of Microsoft's Platforms, Products and Services Division) was there also.

So, that sounds like a great group of people and you would bet that they had a very interesting conversation. Indeed, Chris Messina realized it was too good to keep it all for himself and decided to blog about it in a lengthy two part post.

[Jim Allchin] said directly to me, "...even though that might not be as open as you might like, we are learning.

Well, the above quote is actually the only content of his two posts, the rest is just him either repeating how cool the Microsoft guys were, or just being delirious.

Hot on the heels of Chris Messina comes Tara Hunt, who is his girlfriend and apparently is mega-hot.

Nevertheless, I poured myself another glass of wine and settled in to what would be a lively and interesting discussion with senior people at Microsoft.

And then she goes on only talking about the Windows Vista demo they had.

Seriously, what's wrong with these people?


Blogger Big Fat Opinion said...

Wow. She is HOT!

First post! First post! (now, where are the others?)

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