Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Don't stare

Attention everybody, the 90's have returned! Well, at least on Slashdot. It seems that somewhere between his regular schedule of WoW, sleep and junk food, CmdrTaco had an epiphany:

Let's add some advertisements that people will have to stare for like, 15 minutes and then they will have some kind of bonus. Like unpublished news and stuff.

Fortunately, someone with less burned neurons changed the 15 minutes part to 15 seconds. The result can be seen at the top of the site.

The next Slashdot story is visible early to free day pass visitors; sponsored by Verizon Business.

When you click the link you get a huge flash telling you that yesterday is today (or something like this) and a message ordering you to

Watch this ad for 15 seconds and then enjoy your Day Pass.

Presto! You got access to... slashdot stories under construction. Seriously, this has to be the lamest thing since CmdrTaco's post about Blizzard making him change his WoW alias.


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