Sunday, February 26, 2006

The fun continues

We still haven't recovered from Dvorak's editorial and a Linux fanboy tries to extend the fun. Forget switching to Windows, Apple should switch to Linux!

1992 marked the now famous flame war between Linus Torvalds and Andy Tanenbaum over monolithic vs. microkernel design.
I seem to remember this flame. It ended with Linus apologizing to Tanenbaum.

With the release of Mac OS X for Intel, Apple has essentially closed development of Darwin by not releasing the x86 version.

Hmm, they' ve stopped releasing code. That must be a sign of moving to Linux.

This leaves only Apple's internal team of kernel engineers to improve XNU, making it nearly impossible for Apple to compete with Linux or Microsoft in kernel development.

Oh no, all 3 non-Apple Darwin contributors can't commit code anymore. How is Apple going to compete with Linux and Microsoft now?

The Linux kernel has also been ported to more architectures than any other kernel, which gives Apple a good foundation for embedded devices like iPods.

Great reason to make a fundamental change to Mac OS X.

Apple's users could benefit from having a true enterprise server-class kernel, hundreds of drivers, and cool new features like FUSE or Xen.

Apple should switch to Linux for FUSE? Maybe they could also develop iFS, a fun drag & drop way to create file systems. It could be a part of iLife. And last time I checked Xen was not Linux-only.

But I saved the best for the end... Apple should switch to Linux for its drivers? Now, that was hilarious. Drivers for what? Printers? CUPS is already part of Mac OS X. Scanners? SANE can already be installed on Mac OS X. Various USB or FireWire devices? Mac OS X is miles ahead already anyway. What's left then? Obscure PCI-Express cards for PowerMac. Sure, support for that kind of cards would be a great benefit for Apple's users.



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