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Stop press: spotty teenagers annoyed at Adobe

The plot so far: Adobe announced that current versions of Creative Suite and Macromedia apps won't come out as universal binaries. Instead, they will focus on getting out the next versions of the apps as universal binaries, due out following their standard 18-24 month release cycle, i.e sometime around early 2007, probably even sooner (November 2006).

The following comments are from here.

Yeh heh heh heh hesssss. The drum beat starts. The smart money says, try Aperture. You'll love it.

How is this a solution? The Aperture equivalent by Adobe (Lightroom) will be a universal binary very soon. It's the OTHER TEN (or more) apps that will be missing.

well i think they just dont want to deal with it.why pot out a universal version and give people te cross platform price when they can just be assholes and get the full upgrade price later

Makes sense. As a company, if there was no transition, they would have taken their time and turn out CS3 eventually. Now, just because Apple has choosen to make a transition, Adobe should suddenly change its timeline? (while still in the middle of smoothing out the recent Macromedia acquisition, none the less).

If they would have written good code to begin with and adhered to standards then the re-compile would not be so tedious.

Adobe programs are among the least buggy in the industry, especially the flagship Photoshop. They are LOVED by their users (creative professionals, that is).

I hope Apple squashes them somehow for this. They get too much revenue from the Mac platform to simply walk away, anyhow.

Get 'em, Apple, MAKE 'EM PAY!

They make around 20% of their revenue from Apple. On the other hand, if they go away, Apple is doomed in the professional creative market.

Who cares? CoreImage can do anything that Photoshop can, and it does it faster.

Does this guy even knows what Photoshop is and does?

Good. Maybe this will allow Adobe enough time to fix its CrashWare — specifically InDesign CS2. What an absolute load of crap. Thank god we still use Quark as our primary layout program for design AND mechanicals at the agency where I work.

Is this why InDesign CS2 overtook Quark Xpress in the publishing industry?

This is just stupid! Adobe has known for over a year that Apple would be introducing Intel based Macs in the first half of 2006. A developer kit as been available for over a year!

No, the comment is just stupid. The intel developer kit is available for less than a year: since summer 2005.

Creative professionals won't be buying a new Mac anytime soon if this is true!

They wouldn't anyway. Creative professionals don't upgrade any time a new machine comes out anyway. A lot of them kept using OS9 for a long time. They tend to go after 2nd revision machines and software. They use them professionaly so they don't want to risk "beta-testing" a 1st revision product while on a deadline! Apple knows that: this is why they said the PowerMac line will be the last to go Intel.

In other words, Adobe dragged their fat lazy feet and didn't switch to XCode when Jobs warned all developers they should. (This was well before the announcement of the Intel transition, BTW.)

They cannot do it that easily. Remember they also develop for Windows (80% of their revenue), where there is no Xcode. The code had to be modularized specifically in order to allow this. And why spend manpower and to do it for a version that is already out there and most people that WOULD have bought it, have it already for their G4/5 machines? Just for the early iMac/MacBook Pro adopters?

MacGIMP Has Been Built Cross-Platform with XCode 2.2

How is this a solution? There are over 10 Adobe/Macromedia apps that are missing, not just Photoshop. Besides, GIMP is not an alternative to Photoshop for professional publishing work. A lot of esoteric yet essential publishing features are just not there.

iSteve, Sounds like you could use GraphicConverter. It's a universal binary today and you can set up automatic resizing of images. It's more than a poor man's PhotoShop.

No, it's just that.


This is bigtime bad news. And who thought it was good that Adobe bought up Macromedia? Yeah, Adobe is officially a monopoly and they are being real dicks about it. Fsck 'em. I am officially going to use all the non-adobe software from here on out.

Great, you aren't one of the customers that need Adobe products anyway. Probably just a spotty teenager (or spotty student). Real professionals who use Adobe software will wait.

Adobe is sitting out on a limb. The only reason they have survived so far is the stranded investments in dollars, training, and experience their customers have accumulated in their software.

Erm, and the plain fact that no real alternative exists that is as powerful. Even apperture is not a Photoshop alternative, it catters to a different market.

Hmmm, as a professional photographer, long-time user of Photoshop, and someone who's been waiting to upgrade laptops and desktops for some time, I'm very disappointed with Adobe's decision. This just reeks of a lack of foresight on Adobe's part.

Yes, We can see that. The real question though is HOW MANY of your kind are there? If NOT THAT MANY, then it makes sense not to rush out a CS2 UB.

I don't have Photoshop, but CoreImage keeps getting more and more attractive. Maybe it's the sound of obsolesence beating at the door with OS X built-in features for free instead of Photoshop's outdated rendering lag?

Does this guy even know what Photoshop is or does?

Last year I was in the running for a job at Adobe - part of a division that worked on imaging products. My experience didn't quite match up with what they were after, but they liked me enough to interview me twice. Anyway, here's what I learnt.

For Adobe cross platform is very important. Their entire code-base is also written in C++ and they make use of an extensive set of libraries they have developed for cross platform support - some of which have been released as open source. There is only one set of source code for Photoshop which is used to produce both the Mac and Windows versions. (This is in contrast to Microsoft's approach, where the Mac and Windows versions of Office are separate developments.)

Their compiler of choice has been CodeWarrior, since it allowed them to build apps for both platforms.

CodeWarrior has not been updated for Intel Macs, and nor is this planned. Not too surprising, since CodeWarrior is owned by FreeScale these days. The only way to build apps for Intel Macs is Apple's XCode. Moving an application suite as large and extensive as Adobe's from CodeWarrior to XCode is a complex task requiring a lot of effort. It is nowhere near as simple as just importing the files and setting up build rules.

Adobe have clearly decided that this transition should be done only for the next generation of apps. Performing this transition for the current generation of apps would nearly double the amount of work required and distract developers from the real work of building the new app versions.

Finally, the voice of reason. The funny part is you don't even need insider information to be able to deduct this, yet very few seem able to.

Generally I'm a troll, I admit it. But this is just reinforcing my idea that we need an open source page layout apps and page imaging model. I'm going to start on it this weekend. Anyone interested please contact me through my email.

Good luck.

Looks like other competitors can now take marketshare away from Adobe since they have no interest. I see this as a dumb move by Adobe.

Other competitors. Like?

And CoreImage (which is part of the OS, not an app with a UI), Graphic Converter, and Gimp, separately or combined, are no match for Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, all automated through AppleScript. Sure, hobbyists won't be so affected. Hell, even the pros won't be so bothered.

Another voice of reason.

Adobe's programmers have been sub-par for about 10 years now, their interface needlessly complicated and ease-of-use cumbersome. I say pump more development into iLife and render Adobe meaningless.

Does this guy even know what Adobe pro apps are and what iLife is?


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Jesus that page was funny. Did you copy every anti-Adobe comment from MacDailyNews in the past three days?

Now pardon me while I go spite myself and trash of my Adobe apps. That'll show those bastards.

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