Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Who needs UltraSparc specs?

The plot so far: Sun Microsystems fulfilled a pledge Tuesday to release UltraSparc chip details in an effort to make it easier to bring Linux and versions of BSD Unix to its systems.

OSnews readers have of course lots to say about. The first comment is from jjmckay.

Great news! Sun hardware is great and I hope this move helps them sell more of it! Thank you Sun! Keep up the great work. You are winning minds and that has real value. I just hope that it pays for you.

You would expect that this typical content-free fanboy post would get a negative rating, but no, it gets a full 5. The only negative-rated post about this story is from Shaman's reply.

I can only hope you are being paid for this post.

The only sensible reply to jjmckay gets rated -1. But let's not lose faith and see the rest of the comments. Two commentators think that this announcement fulfilled some kind of wet dream for the OpenBSD developers.

Guess Theo and the gangs nagging finally paid off!

OpenBSD developers have been asking for UltraSPARC specifications for years.

Well, Theo de Raadt has actualy stated that they don't need processor docs: "That stuff is trivial. We need *chipset docs*. And those are still not available under Sun's new program. So it is STILL a complete matter of reverse engineering."

I wonder what would it take to make a fork of that(surely there are more knowledgable people aroud here who can tell).

Oh, come on, fork? You are becoming a Linux stereotype.

Sun should thank the people behind Apache, Gnome, KDE, MySQL, X, JBoss rather than sucking Linux kernel developer's you-know-what!

What about thanking the academy?

Linux is not a x86 OS now.

Seriously? Thanks for sharing.

OK the fact that you can run Linux on any processor doesn't mean it's "designed" for that processor. AIX will ALWAYS beat Linux on POWER Solaris will ALWAYS beat Linux on SPARC HPUX will ALWAYS beat Linux on PARISC. Accept this and move on.....I have!

OK, I think I got it.
WINDOWS will ALWAYS beat Linux on x86.
RISC OS will ALWAYS beat Mac OS X on PowerPC.

Reasons why Linux/Intel beat Solaris/Sparc:
1.) Feature, stability, security is very similar
2.) Intel hardware is cheaper and faster than Sparc
3.) Linux is cheaper than Solaris (OpenSolaris nulls this point)
4.) Linux doesn't lock you to 1 vendor, Solaris does
5.) No Linux distributor has Jonathan Swartz as any sort of executive, that guy is crazy (

1) Similar features? ZFS, Zones, DTrace. Shall I say more?
2) And that's a reason why Linux is better than Solaris?
3) I'm glad you realized it yourself.
4) (Open)Solaris can run on any x86 and x86_64 processor, along with the UltraSparc. There is even a PowerPC port.
5) Right, whatever.

>I really can't see how this will have any negative >impact on Linux. It won't, unless no developers are interested and the port stagnates. At which point, Sun will demonize Linux.

There are people interested porting Linux to VAX for crying out loud and you think there will be no interest for UltraSparc?


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