Thursday, March 30, 2006

Grow up

Theo de Raadt, the master of flames had an interview on Tuesday and the news was covered by OSNews. Thom Holwerda didn't of course miss the opportunity to comment on it. As always his comment was deemed ridiculous (the counter-arguments were rated 5 and 4), so he decided to post exactly the same thing at his blog.

Theo said: "I will say it here — if an OpenSSH hole is found that applies to SunSSH, Sun will not be informed. Or maybe that has happened already."

I’m sorry, but that is just plain childish and extremely unprofessional. It’s like a kid refusing to do anything his mother tells him to because he doesn’t get a cookie.

I guess that screwing the people that help your company for free is very mature and professional. It's just like a baby biting his mother's breast (I love the mother/child analogies).

If Theo wants people to take OpenBSD seriously

Come on Thom... We all know that you are the last person to give advice on how to be taken seriously. Just have a look at your site.

he should stop making pointless comments like this one.

If it wasn't for your comments, we would have never created this blog.

If you really care about security and open source, you help anyone using your software (if that anyone has done nothing to break the licensing of course).

You are confusing "security and open source" with "charity".

If you let personal grudges stand in the way of seeing the bigger picture (*cough*Amiga), then you have no place in the corporate world– or in any world, for that matter.

If the bigger picture is to bend over to everyone who is screwing you, then I'm out of the world too.

Grow up.

So... the guy who drools over expensive cars all day, who is a royalist (for Christ's sake we are in 2006!), who still lives with his parents and who is one of the greatest sovinists to pass the blogosphere, is telling other people to grow up?? (And by "other people", I mean "people who have written code that is being used by millions of users".)

Seriously Thom, next time just watch some porn on the net like all the other kids.


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