Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Posting to misc@openbsd.org guidelines

1) Start by stating what a worthless piece of shit you are.
2) Apologize for wasting everybody's time.
3) Say how great all the OpenBSD developers are. Optionally you can pick a random developer and lick his ass.
4) Point out that you installed from the official OpenBSD CD that you bought to support the project.
5) Describe your problem.
6) Thank everyone in advance.
7) Apologize again for wasting everybody's time with your petty problems.
8) Again say how much you love the project and all the developers.
9) Append a dmesg output of your system, a dmesg from the latest OpenBSD snapshot, any relevant log files, command outputs, kernel patches you tried, birth certificates, etc.
10) Prepare your self to get flamed. An appointment with a therapist could prove useful.


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