Sunday, April 02, 2006


Who would have thought? Thom is back.

I’m defying logic? Now, well, let’s see here…

I have a feeling this is going to be too easy.

1) You are arrogant;

Why? Because I "dare" to criticize a diva like you?

2) You ridicule royalism;

You got me wrong here. I don't ridicule royalism, royalism is ridiculous by itself, it doesn't need my help.

3) You are a coward hiding behind anonymity;

I'm not anonymous, I'm Teh Comment (duh). I always sign my posts.

4) You believe in eye for eye, tooth for a tooth (person A did X to me so I’m allowed to do Y to person A);

The saying you are quoting for a second time is eye for eye, tooth for tooth. Do you see the pattern here? To use your terminology: person A did X to me so I'm allowed to do X to person A. Don't they teach basic comprehension at Vrije?

5) You read what you want to read (assuming ‘I guess you are’ as me stating, ‘You are’);

Let's see. On your previous reply you said "I guess you are American?" and then you went on and said "I guess you find the death penalty and undemocratic elections, and wars really modern and unbarbaric?". Well, the second phrase implies that you assume I am American. No?

Yup, sounds American to me.

Again you make a conclusion based on (five this time!) false assumptions. As I said before, basic logic defines that based on false assumptions, all conclusions are true. So yes, that's true.

Now, let’s continue:

1) You can’t spell words that have too many syllables (’sovinistic’?)

My bad. To make up I will write procrastination, multidimensional and retrospection (I promise I didn't use the dictionary).

2) You hide behind anonymity;

All posts in this blog are signed by their author.

3) 'Teh'? Dear god…

I was in a hurry when I was registering at blogger. Don't ask.

Yup, sounds like a 14 year old to me, hence I can address you as ’sonny’.

Be my guest and address me as you like. But 21 years old is not that older to 14.

Since you are too less of a man to just use your real name and face on the internet,

After assuming that I am American and that I am 14 years old, now you are assuming that I am a man?

I had to deduct my assumptions from your postings on your little blog.

It's a good thing that you finally dropped psychology. It was clearly not for you.

Using the above reasoning, I came to some pretty simple conclusions.

"The truth is rarely pure, and never simple."
-- Oscar Wilde

But obviously, I might be wrong.

It actually occurred to you? I'm impressed.

However, we shall never know if you continue to be a coward.

To avoid any further misunderstandings let me explicitly state that I am Teh Comment and this post has been written exclusively by me.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Defies all logic

For some reason Thom Holwerda didn't like our previous post. Now, truth be told, I'm a big fan of Thom. I read OSNews, his blog, his Sunday Eve Columns and I always find him entertaining. Not for the reasons he would like though. Anyway, let's see his response:

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth… Yeah, now that’s a way to run this world. It will deffo make it a better place!

How did this conclusion come from my previous post is beyond me. Even a small child (smaller than Thom) can realize that not helping the one who screws you has nothing to do with revenge. Screwing the one who screws you is revenge and has nothing to do with OpenBSD and Sun.

Thom however can not see this and makes the assumption that I believe in revenge. We will call this Assumption #1.

I guess you are American?

Let's call this Assumption #2.

I see you ridicule me for being a royalist, calling it old-fashioned.

No, I don't think royalism is old-fashioned. What I meant is that its 2006, we have schools, universities, newspapers and the Internet. People should know better.

I guess you find the death penalty and undemocratic elections, and wars really modern and unbarbaric?

Starting with false assumptions, all conclusions are true. So yes.

Sonny, get a life.

Sonny: used by an older person as a familiar form of address to a young boy. (New Oxford American Dictionary)

OK, I promise not to call you young and immature again. The last thing we need is more complexes for you.

The fact you create a blog simply to reply to tech websites kind of negates the nonsense you post there.

No-one denied that you have no clue about logic.

People are not interested in your opinions, sonny.

And who made you the voice of people?

You are a no name.

No, I'm Teh Comment.

You run off of Blogspot.

Well, we could pay $4 per month for hosting...


No offense, but I doubt that.

People are interested in my opinions.

True, but judging from their replies, not for the reasons you would like.

My many articles, and the replies it spawns on other sites, mean just a little bit more than your blogspot blog.

And they also mean everything for our blog. Without them, this blog would not have been possible.